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fight human trafficking

Living intentionally.⁠⁠
It's so important — we’re all looking for how we can impact the world, together, for a greater cause. Here at Freegirl, we love being able to help you support a vital mission - one that is freeing people who are enslaved today. ⁠⁠
Did you know that it's estimated that 600,000-800,000 human beings are trafficked each year? ⁠⁠And it is estimated that between 20.9 and 45.8 million people are currently enslaved.
These numbers should bring us to our knees. Brothers and sisters are taken from their homes, trapped, and enslaved for another's benefit.⁠⁠ Let us all do our part to help this cause and fight back at the injustice and the evil in the world.⁠⁠ Let us make our voices known and help that one someone who needs a hand to come back from a life in the shadow of the grave.⁠⁠ Let us be the champion for freedom, wherever darkness lies. ⁠⁠
Because we can live intentionally with every moment we have. ⁠⁠

The Current State of Human Trafficking

If you look into the darkness, you may be cut to the deepest parts of you, but with knowledge comes action. The first step to understanding how you can help end this system is knowing what’s happening.

Women, children, men, and boys are trafficked both nationally and internationally as bonded laborers (paying a debt that can never be paid) and servitude, slaves, child soldiers, and other illicit activities. Since this is an underground trade, we can only estimate the number of humans impacted by these crimes each year. 

But global organizations like Deliver Fund, Collective Liberty, and a21 help to fight on the broader levels as well as locally, while local organizations like the Covering House provide counseling and restorative action within the community. 

These organizations exist to help equip everyday people with the knowledge, resources, and action steps to help support the fight against trafficking.

What You can do to Fight Against Trafficking

You may think that there’s little you can do when in reality, you can do so much. When one person steps up to understand the issue and support these organizations, they are empowering freedom for millions. 
Here are a few simple steps to get started in supporting the initiative to end trafficking.

Know the Signs. Often, traffickers use force (kidnapping), fraud (falsifying government documents), or coercion (emotional manipulation) to find their victims. Traffickers in America often use the later, looking for and targeting the vulnerable, the people who have no current hope, or those who can be quickly attracted. They take steps to gain trust and insert themselves in the target’s life. Here are the steps that they take — be mindful of the things happening around you and share this information with others. 

  1. Target the victim. They are looking for homeless teens and children as well as minors on social media, video game consoles, and chat rooms. They will start to gain the target’s trust and share their information with other traffickers.
  2. Start a “friendship.” The trafficker will then groom the individual by giving them gifts, spending time together, and making them emotionally open to the relationship.
  3. Loving Relationship. At this point, the trafficker has gained trust and has a relationship (often sexual) that continues to grow the secrecy and attachment with the victim. When they begin to be inconsistent, it develops an emotionally unstable relationship.
  4. Abusive relationship. At this point, the victim is forced into illicit and dangerous activities by the trafficker and taken from their family units and dependable connections, and playing on their fear and loyalty.

While this is the worst nightmare for parents and grandparents, some children and minors don’t have stable homes, making them more vulnerable to these atrocities. You can help by starting at the beginning - by sharing this information with families and friends and volunteering for programs that help at-risk youth form healthy relationships with a mentor. 

For more on spotting and reporting trafficking crimes, view this great resource by a21.

Report Suspicious Activity. From malnourishment, fear, and unusual flinching behavior to signs of dependency and a lack of personal belongings, there are many ways to identify potential victims. Find out how you can report suspicious activity and help to save a life. 

Individual or Business Sponsorship. If you are able, every dollar matters in the fight to end trafficking. Whether you give one time, share a recurring donation, or donate a percentage from your business proceeds, the financial support helps to bring hope and healing across the world! By helping individuals, you are bringing hope to the situation. 

Freegirl proudly gives a portion of all proceeds to our partners at the Covering House.

The Next Steps to End Trafficking

After understanding the issue and offering essential assistance, there are so many ways that you can get involved in the fight against trafficking. Find your local anti-trafficking non-profit and support the work that Christine Caine and her a21 organization are doing to end this tragedy. 

When people like you decide to stand up and speak out for people that currently have no hope, you are bringing the light and spreading hope that can rescue them from their bondage. 

Join the movement to set people free today!

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