Not Skin Care, Skin Wellness.

Freegirl Skincare offers an honest, holistic and effective approach to skin wellness that uses gifts from nature — proven plant-based ingredients — to promote healthy, glowing skin naturally, without any harmful chemicals. It's time to Set Your Skin Free.

Jamie and Cathy discovered the healing power of wholesome food, real ingredients and holistic plant-based care as they both separately searched for solutions to persistent skin and health issues they were experiencing. After seeing the miraculous changes happening in themselves and their family members, they knew that returning to nature was the answer to truly being free in their own skin, spirit, body and mind.

Jamie Hedman

Founder & CEO

Cathy Gay


Embedded within the deepest roots of Freegirl Skincare is a relentless dedication to toxin-free, 100% natural and safe ingredients. Freegirl is proudly MADE SAFE certified. This rigorous seal certifies that our products are safe for your body, with your family, and in your home and are made with safe ingredients not known or suspected to harm human health. MADE SAFE additionally screens ingredients to ensure there is no bioaccumulation, environmental persistence, general ecosystem harm, or toxicity to aquatic and terrestrial life.

We let our reviews speak for themselves.

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Divine is my very favorite product! At 55 my skin looks the best it has for years. Love the plant based healing properties for my fine lines and sun damage. 

Cathy C.

"I skin cycle using Freegirl Skincare. My face is so glowy and radiant since I’ve been using it consistently!!! It’s fun getting compliments on your skin! The first night of skin cycle I use Ambitious the AHA face mask (this stuff is my fav Freegirl product) then next night I use a retinol then the follow 2 nights I use the Happy Hydration Serum with Sincere Vitamin C Moisturizer on top along with the eye cream. Freegirl smells so good and makes my skin so happy."

Sarah G.

Los Angeles, CA

When my friends in the dorm have pimples I give them Faithful the anti acne Freegirl serum and they wake up with them gone or close to healed!

Catherine W.

12 days ago

"Love! This cream is amazing! I put Sincere Vitamin C Complex on before bed and when I wake up my skin is hydrated and glowing. As a bonus I know I’m taking care of myself and family by using nontoxic products on my skin."

Verified Customer

The Divine Cellular Renewal Serum is delightful! I love how my fine lines are fading and my complexion is glowing. It sounds simple, but quality natural ingredients that hydrate, heal and nourish the skin really do work without the side effects. Thanks FG!

Lauren W.

"So many good things to say about Freegirl! I am super picky about skin care and very rarely switch my routine. Jamie and Cathy are amazing women who have created an amazing brand with real results and real ingredients! I love knowing that when I have questions, they are the ones giving the answers! Thank you!" 

Verified Customer

Every Purchase Gives Back

Our mission isn’t just to set your skin free. We support freeing women who have lived in darkness. Every Freegirl product sold helps support The Covering House and ReHOPE – non-profit refuges for children and teens that have experienced human trafficking or exploitation in the United States.