For the first time, you know which products are safe to use on your body.

The MADE SAFE® seal means that a product is literally made with safe ingredients, not known or suspected to harm human health or ecosystems. It’s the first nontoxic certification to apply to products we use every day. Every MADE SAFE certified product is thoroughly screened and 100% of registered ingredients are vetted by scientists and/or researchers. 
MADE SAFE additionally screens ingredients for bioaccumulation, environmental persistence, general ecosystem harm, as well as for toxicity to aquatic and terrestrial life.
When there is doubt they exercise the precautionary principle, erring on the side of caution. The MADE SAFE approach flips the current regulatory model of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ on its head. This 360-degree ecosystem assessment makes MADE SAFE the most rigorous standard in existence.
This is revolutionary. In short, it means that you can finally trust that products are made without toxic chemicals known to harm our health. 


  • People want to know that a product is safe to use with their families. MADE SAFE uses science to gives them the comfort of knowing products don’t contain harmful chemicals.
  • The MADE SAFE seal is the highest standard for human health safety we found. 

  • People should be able to vote with their dollars for products that don’t contain known toxic chemicals.

  • This certification is a light in the darkness: up until now, consumers have struggled to figure out which products contain known toxic chemicals, and which products don’t.

  • Every chemical exposure avoided is a win for your body. MADE SAFE certified products help safeguard your health.

  • People should be confident that products they use don’t contain chemicals that could harm their health, such as ingredients linked to cancer, fertility problems, developmental harm, and other serious diseases and disorders.

  • We believe making safer products is the future for a sustainable world.


  • People shouldn’t need to be chemists to determine if their products are ok to use in their homes, on their babies or on themselves. 

  • We’re proud to lead the way in showing others that safer, effective products are possible.

  • Ultimately, we can eliminate toxic chemicals from consumer products, with MADE SAFE as a guide.


Unfortunately, there are tens of thousands of chemicals in use right now in the products we use every day; very few of them have been studied and some have been linked to serious health problems.
Combined with confusing claims like “green” or “eco” (which don’t actually mean anything about how safe or healthy a product is), people have been stuck trying to figure out which products are actually safe and which ones aren’t. Without information from companies and a degree in chemistry or toxicology, the task is almost impossible!
The MADE SAFE seal solves this problem. Finally, you can easily find trusted, certified products that are made without known harmful chemicals.
We’re proud to put that power in your hands! Together we can create a healthy, safe and sustainable future.
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