Find Your Essential Wellness Products for 2023

Find Your Essential Wellness Products for 2023

Have you been looking for a unique gift for that special person in your life — or have you been researching how to upgrade your home to more natural and sustainable products? Part of our company-wide mindset is sharing the best natural living tips and essential wellness resources we’ve found to help you live well every day! Check out our must-have wishlist to take your home and routines to the next level of clean living. 

Essential Wellness Products for Wellness. Routines

Top Wellness Essential Must-Haves

We want you to move into your essential wellness routines with more confidence. These non-toxic products will help you eliminate harmful chemicals and support a healthier world tomorrow. All the brands meet our Freegirl standards of excellence, and many have been approved by MADE SAFE®, giving you complete peace of mind. Here are our top 10 picks this year!


Avocado logo

We love that this MADE SAFE® mattress company makes its products in California — using only nontoxic and 100% certified organic materials; they use ethical and sustainable practices to deliver the best and most affordable nontoxic mattresses, pillows, and bedding. Check out all of their lovely sleepwear to homewares that are both good for you and luxurious.


natural sloth

Beeswax candles have several benefits that make them a great choice. They are made from a renewable source and burn cleaner than other candles, producing very little soot. Perhaps most importantly, beeswax candles produce negative ions when burned, which can help to improve air quality and reduce stress levels. Natural Sloth adds high-quality essential oils to some of its products, bringing you the best scents without any fillers or chemicals. And as a bonus, they are certified MADE SAFE®.


This company brings coastal inspirations to its organically-grown and intentionally-designed textiles! When you shop with this company for bedding, bath essentials, throws, and pajamas, you’re helping support sustainable, ethical business practices. 


Branch Basics logo


We love the MADE SAFE® products from Branch Basics that give you the cleaning solutions you need throughout your home without any of the toxic chemicals or other fillers! Their products are potent and give you that wonderfully pristine feel you're looking for! 


Pura Bottles

As you prepare for your sweet baby, choosing the right bottle is essential! We love the Pura company because it provides the first MADE SAFE ® non-toxic water bottles and baby bottles that are just right for supporting your littlest family member’s wellness.


oilogic logo
Oilogic provides essential oils customized to be safe and effective for your children!  Instead of figuring out the proper dilutions and more, you’ve got a resource that provides all the oils and uses for you. They are also MADE SAFE® certified and will help your family thrive through the years!


Meliora Logo

Meliora provides effective and safe laundry and soap solutions that smell great and work even better! Their laundry stain stick is a miracle worker, and the laundry detergent gives you a fantastic clean load every time  — not to mention their holiday product line that will make your home feel bright. With the MADE SAFE® certification, you can trust them for your cleaning needs.

Fontana Candle logo


Fontana provides beautiful essential oils, room sprays, candles, and bath soaks that give you complete peace of mind and no risk of headaches from artificial fragrances. Everything is produced with only three simple, natural ingredients — Beeswax, essential oils, and coconut oil. 


sunlightenIf you’re an active athlete, want to boost your immunity, or simply love the sauna, these infrared saunas are customized to help you achieve your health goals. Check out these amazing saunas for your health, happiness, and wellness.  

berkey filters logo


Looking for pure water to drink that doesn’t come in a plastic bottle? Check out Berkey Filters and their many options! They have tanks of all sizes to meet your family’s needs and give you a  lasting solution.


freegirl logo

We couldn’t leave our listing of highly-prized wellness essentials without sharing our favorites from Freegirl! We love bringing the most invigorating and healing skincare products to you with nourishing ingredients that work. Check out our ten core products or our skincare sets for everything you need to get truly beautiful skin.

We hope you enjoy this list and find something special for you and your loved ones. Incorporating the best essential wellness products can help you live well all year long. Here's to staying happy and healthy!

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