Why We Give Back: The Covering House

Why We Give Back: The Covering House

When I started Freegirl Skincare, the purpose was to share what I learned through struggling with my own health issues, which is to use the power of nature to heal. There are so many hazardous toxins in everyday household products. And I wanted our products to be as clean as possible. That is why we went through the rigorous MADE SAFE Certification. Our guiding principle has always been to create safe, luxurious skincare that is as good for the planet as it is for your skin. 

As a successful business owner, it is my pleasure to give back as we grow. The Covering House was the ideal candidate for us to put portions of our profits into. It is our responsibility as a Woman-owned business to support organizations that make a difference. Doing so validates our business and motivates us to continue to expand our business reach and share the stories of those organizations that we support. This Giving Tuesday, we shine a spotlight on The Covering House. Here are some valuable insights into what they do and who they help. 

About The Covering House 

The Covering House was founded in 2009 and provides residential housing for minor survivors of human trafficking, operating a Level III youth residential facility. Located in St Louis, MO, They work with youth and adults in the local community to provide counseling and educational and supportive services. 

Prevention And Intervention 

They recently began offering our prevention and intervention program to youth at the St. Louis County Juvenile Detention Center. Often, these teens haven’t had the best backgrounds. The risk factors that may have led them to make decisions that landed them in the detention center also make them vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. Such risk factors include the lack of consistent, healthy adults in their lives. They are teaching the youth topics, including trafficking red flags, healthy boundaries and relationships, and online safety. The information has resonated with them, and they’re already seeing where it applies to real-life examples. At their first session, one of the teens identified that she had been trafficked. This was confirmation that our services are needed for this population of youth. This youth is now receiving further services from The Covering House. 

They Advocate For The Youngest Victims

They are currently serving two young sisters, ages six and eight, in their Community-Based Services program. They were being exploited by a family member. It was a horrible situation, but they are now in a loving foster home, and thanks to the support they receive from donors, these young sisters are receiving therapy and case management. 

They Maintain Communication With Their Clients 

One of their former residential home clients reached out to become a client of their Community-Based Services program. They are supporting her with case management and life skills training as she works to maintain her housing. And they are grateful she knew she could reach out to them for further support. 

Their Programs Are Designed To Reduce The Risk

Middle and High School students are the most vulnerable to exploitation. The Covering House has educated over 11,000 youth and community members with multi-session programs that raise awareness on what red flags to look for and what self-protective measures they can take to reduce their risk and avoid being trafficked.  

They Rely On Donations For Support 

There are many ways that you can support The Covering House. Whether you want to volunteer, donate, or advocate, please take a moment to review their page and take action page here. 

Thank you for supporting The Covering House and Freegirl Skincare. Together, we can make a difference to so many.

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