Best Anti Aging Serums Plus Steps For Young Skin

Best Anti Aging Serums Plus Steps For Young Skin

No matter what age you start caring for your skin — or if you’re just looking for new anti aging serums and routines as you’re getting older — there are specific steps you can take at each stage of life.

Exploring Anti Aging Serums and Keeping Healthy, Glowing Skin

When it comes to your skin, prevention is key!  I’ll never forget my mother reminding me every evening to wash my face. That habit that started when I was a child has stayed with me for a lifetime, shaping how I’ve viewed skin health and used anti aging serums.

From how you treat your face in the sun to the anti aging serums and routines you use before bed, taking care of your skin is an everyday, all-day mission that you can start as early as adolescence.

Everything we say in this article builds on each other - continuing to practice whole-body health throughout your life will help you navigate the ever-present aging process! Here are a few steps you can take in your 20's, 30's, 40's and beyond!

Anti Aging In Your Teens

Now is the time to ensure that you’re treating your skin well, from the inside out! We want to encourage you to choose the best for your skin from diet and drinks to the products you use! You can help your skin flourish for a lifetime by incorporating some of these ideas.

  1. Wash your face and apply moisturizer in the morning and at night — and whenever you feel like you need it, after swimming or a workout!

  2. Choose products that have as minimal ingredients as possible, looking for fragrance-free and all-natural ingredients. Try to stay away from the heavy chemical-laden face masks and other skin trends — making your own masks at home can be more fun to do with your friends!

  3. Protect your skin from the sun! Apply sunscreen (mineral-based spf 30) every day — after using your skincare products and before applying any makeup — before you walk out the door!
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  4. Be sure to eat a healthy diet with fresh fruits and veggies for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, healthy fats like avocados, and probiotics and prebiotics —and try to stay away from too much caffeine and other synthetic energy sources!

  5. Avoid sugar and heavily processed foods as much as you can. You can start incorporating a mild exfoliant, like an acid-based serum or a toner spray. This will help to take away dead skin cells and leave you with glowing fresh skin.

  6. If you’re struggling with acne, never pick your skin! While it may be hard, messing with blemishes causes the bacteria to spread to other pores and can leave permanent scars. Just leave them alone and encourage healing with the right products for your skin!

Boosting Anti Aging In Your Twenties

Your skin starts to lose collagen in your mid-20s-30s, so starting some anti aging products can help boost your collagen production throughout this transitory season! Often, while you’re hanging out with friends, enjoying your early adult life, you may forget to think about treating your face well. But the more you can do now will set you up for decades of skin health!

7. Start incorporating hydrolyzed collagen supplements into your diet. From shakes to coffee creamers, there are a few ways to ingest this important nutrient. It will help support cellular renewal in your skin, hair, nails, and joints and help you strengthen and retain your natural glow.

8. Strengthen your skin with more potent products. While you may have been able to manage your skin with a decent cleanser and moisturizer, now is the time to invest in a system that is specific to your skin’s needs! The right combination of skincare products, tailored to your skin’s needs can help heal issues and prevent skin aging.

9. Who doesn’t love a good massage? And your face can use it to encourage proper blood flow, drain the lymphatic system, and reduce stress. Whether you use a jade roller or do an anti-wrinkle massage, working in your moisturizer or serums can drastically improve your results! You’ll see fewer fine lines and wrinkles pop up, have less puffiness, and reinvigorate your skin.
10. Stay active, even when life gets busy! From reducing stress to increasing blood flow, working out will help you stay healthy, eliminate toxins, and give you a glow complexion!

11. Ditch the smoking or tanning habits. If you’ve picked them up, it’s time to put them down. Smoking creates a host of health issues, including limiting your oxygen flow to the skin and increases your risk of cancer. Fake tanning increases your UV exposure and makes your skin age prematurely.

12. Find a great Vitamin C serum. Applying Vitamin C to your face will protect you against the environment, brighten your skin tone, fade hyperpigmentation, and up your collagen and elastin production!

Incorporating New Elements In Your Thirties

When you’re in your thirties, your skin starts to mature as you do, meaning you will definitely need to incorporate anti-aging elements into your routine!

From crow’s feet to smile lines, you will start to see the moments of your life start to etch into your face. We all want to age gracefully and stay as youthful for as long as possible; so when you’re raising kids, managing your career, and dealing with stressful life situations, treating your skin well is more important than ever!

13. Continue with or start new healthy habits. Life gets overwhelming as your responsibilities grow, but continuing with the healthy habits you formed in early life — or re-committing to health — will help you and your loved ones in the long run! From stress management to skin health, your body will thank you.

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14. Get your rest. Prioritize your sleep by creating healthy bedtime habits. Instead of watching TV or scrolling on your phone (which inhibits your natural circadian rhythms), break out a book, treat yourself to a spa night, or find a hobby that you can do to relax in the evenings and sleep well.

15. Spa Procedures. You may start to look into the world of medspas and some anti aging serums and treatments that can reverse issues from past skin experiences. Be sure to find the right fit and research the treatments to ensure you are getting the most natural elements applied to your skin.

16. Find the right cellular renewal serums. While some may recommend retinols, we believe in natural plant power — you can find the right elements for your skin in a completely natural and holistic way.

Loving Your Skin In Your Forties, Fifties, and Beyond!

As your estrogen levels decrease, you will notice your skin feeling drier, find more lines, and lose elasticity. By continuing to live a healthy lifestyle, exploring the right products for your “new normal” and incorporating some additional routines, you can find the right solution for your skin’s needs!

17. Pick the best moisturizing cleanser. Be sure you moisturize at every step in the routine, with healthy fats, vitamin E, and other vital nutrients.

18. Find the right morning and evening serums. You’ll want to add as much Vitamin C and other nutrients in the morning and use a soothing but corrective evening serum to help your skin repair from the day.

Herbs and plants for anti aging

19. Incorporate an acid exfoliant a few times a week. Our AHA Gel Mask gives you all the exfoliating power from plant enzymes to keep your skin glowing with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). If you’re looking to boost hyaluronic acid naturally, be sure to be incorporating leafy greens, bone broth, and root veggies!

20. Use an eye cream to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, morning and night. Your eyes are the window to your soul and as the focal point of your face, you need to treat it with extra care. Apply a cream with Eyebright, Lavender, Tansy, and Seaweed to get the most hydrating and healing experience. Plus, it’s a great base for any eye makeup you apply.

 Keeping your whole-body in mind will help your skin look healthy at whatever stage you’re in.

From getting all toxins out of your home to supporting your detoxing system, choosing the most natural solutions and the best anti aging serums will set you up for a happy and healthy lifestyle!

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