Colorado Skin Care Company Sets Skin Free While Impacting Human Trafficking

Colorado Skin Care Company Sets Skin Free While Impacting Human Trafficking - Freegirl Skincare

Contact: Jamie Hedman
Telephone: 720-550-1306

January 23, 2019

Buena Vista, CO, January 23, 2019– As a former model and personal fitness trainer, Jamie Hedman learned about self-care and what it takes to stay healthy and keep chemicals out of her body. However, her true journey with all-natural skincare began unexpectedly when her youngest son had his first breakout of eczema several years ago. Jamie recalls, “After visiting with pediatricians and dermatologists prescribing cream after cream, he was left with bleached skin and a whole lot of frustration. This is when I began to research alternatives. It wasn’t until we pursued a natural solution that we began to find success, and to our amazement, the healing began.”

This experience led Jamie to launch Freegirl Skin Care from their headquarters in Buena Vista, Colorado. Freegirl Skin Care uses only natural, organic, plant-based, wild-crafted ingredients that are MADE SAFE® certified to be non-toxic. Exclusive formulations are available for all skin types, with skin care solutions for acne prone, mature, sensitive, and sun-damaged skin.

Working with a nutritionist, Jamie’s son was able to heal through a change in diet, exercise, and the use of all-natural creams.  Jamie researched her own line of all-natural skincare with essential oils, carrier oils, butters – and most importantly, no chemicals or toxins.

This eye-opening experience ignited Jamie’s interest for all-natural skin care and increased her awareness of the harmful toxins we unknowingly feed to the largest organ of our body – the skin!  “This realization was frightening to say the least. At this very moment, I knew my family and I had to make a change – and that’s exactly what we did. Chemicals were out and freedom for our skin was in,” says Jamie.

As Jamie researched the industry, she found very few options that were truly all-natural, and words like “organic” and “all-natural” were often loosely used. Jamie recalls, “I hated to think some companies were being dishonest, but I wasn’t sure how else to describe what I was discovering; and it was all right there in black and white on the labels – chemicals that cause cancer, damage our skin, and harm our bodies.”

As she pursued her vision for non-toxic, chemical-free products, Jamie was surprised time and time again when “experts” would tell her that her vision couldn’t be accomplished. Both fellow skin care companies and chemists in the industry repeatedly warned her she would have to compromise in some way in order to provide a product that was less expensive to manufacture, would last longer on big-box shelves, or to maintain a certain consistency, look or feel.

“How did they propose I compromise? You guessed it – chemicals! My products were not just going to be put on a shelf; they were going to be put on my skin and my family’s skin, so I couldn’t compromise in the slightest,” she insisted.

After three years of extensive research and relentless pursuit of uncompromised ingredients, Freegirl Skin Care was born. After discovering and falling in love with our first ten products, Freegirl was thrilled that all ten items were awarded and labeled as MADE SAFE® certified – the most rigorous certification for safe & non-toxic products in existence.

Freegirl Skin Care was created with more than skin care in mind.  Jamie says, “To our core, we are about helping women on their complete wellness journey in mind, body and spirit. After using our products and setting your skin free, my hope is that you will love yourself and your skin as much as we do!”

More importantly, as clients pursue their own health and wellness with Freegirl Skin Care, they become part of a much bigger cause: aiding in the recovery and healing of young women that have been victims of the human sex trafficking epidemic.  Every Freegirl purchase helps support The Covering House – a non-profit refuge for children and teens that have experienced human trafficking or exploitation in the U.S. who are now on their own journey to health and wellness

“It is my mission to bring awareness, educate, and provide a solution for those truly seeking a ‘no-compromise’ option for all-natural, toxin-free, skin care, while providing hope and healing for the victims of human trafficking,” Jamie concludes.

Freegirl Skin Care’s MADE SAFE ® certified products are available for purchase online at Interested retailers may inquire at

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