How to Take Care of Your Skin and Jamie’s Routine

How to Take Care of Your Skin and Jamie’s Routine - Freegirl Skincare

Knowing how to take care of your skin is a life-long journey and with so many products out there, it can be hard to know which ones to choose!  Questions may float around like — How exactly do you use a serum? Do you use water to apply your cleanser? Is this mask supposed to tingle?

Today, I thought I’d take you behind the scenes and share exactly what my daily skincare routine looks like to help answer some of your lingering questions.

Caring for Your Skin Type

Before we get started, it’s important to chat a little bit about skin type. I’ve always had a combination skin type, however in my late 30’s to early 40’s, my skin type changed to normal/dry. Now living up in the mountains of Colorado my skin is even dryer, so moisturizing my skin and drinking plenty of water has become even more important. While reading this post, consider what unique needs your skin has!

how to take care of your skin


Evening Skin Care Routine

“Jamie, did you wash your face?” 

My mother was committed to me taking care of my skin even from a young age. I can still picture the inflection in her voice as she’d call from the hall as I was getting in bed. Now, I am so grateful for her reminders!

Step #1: Cleanse

While it may feel so much easier just to hop in bed after a long day, consistently caring for your skin at night is the best way to ensure its health and glow – and there is never a better time to start than now!

We have two cleansers — our Lovely Creme Cleanser and Kindhearted Cleansing Milk. I use Lovely, and it doubles as a perfect makeup remover. Its silky texture and nourishing ingredients help makeup slide right off, sparing your pretty white towels. When I have full makeup on, I’ll apply about two and a half pumps of Lovely Creme Cleanser to my dry skin and then use a wet natural sponge to gently wipe the makeup off. 

Once my face is makeup-free and I’ve rinsed off any residue, I apply Lovely Creme Cleanser a second time in the same upward motion, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. I then wash with tepid water and blot dry with a towel. 

Step #2: Nourish

After my skin is dried from washing off the cleansing mask, I apply two pumps of Angelic Nighttime Serum.  This corrective serum is perfect for improving the look of discoloration from acne, scarring, sun damage, and hormone-related hyper-pigmentation. Licorice, Lemon, and Fohara Oil work together to brighten and balance your complexion, keeping your skin’s tissue toned and protected from further oxidative stress. Lavender, Chamomile, and Pomegranate seed oils nourish and calm as they heal.

Once my skin has dried for 30 seconds, I move on to applying Freegirl’s Divine Cellular Renewal Serum and allow it to dry.

Step #3: Moisturize

For the finishing touch, I apply Energetic Reparative Eye Creme to my eye area and Sincere Vitamin C Moisture Complex to my face and neck area to nourish and moisturize my skin while I sleep.

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Step #4 Exfoliate

Three to four days a week, I up my skincare game by using Ambitious AHA Gel Mask. Apply two pumps in an upward circular motion, including temples, jawbone, and neck areas, while avoiding sensitive eye areas, and let it dry. You can start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes before washing with tepid water. A little tingling is normal and means this gentle alpha hydroxy mask is really doing its job removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and clarifying your skin. 

We’ve carefully chosen alpha hydroxy acids from whole foods like Bilberry, Orange, and Lemon, paired with exfoliating enzymes from Pineapple and Papayas. The more consistent you are with this product, the more exfoliated your skin will be — improving your skin’s texture and overall glow. 

Morning Skin Care Routine

Morning care is where the magic happens. After a good night’s sleep with a clean face, your face is prime to absorb even more nutrients as you cleanse again and then apply your serums. 

Step #1: Cleanse

First thing in the morning, I apply Lovely Creme Cleanser in an upward circular motion, directly to my dry skin. Since this hydrating cleanser is both a moisturizer and cleanser in one, I like to let it soak in for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. It’s the perfect amount of time to start the coffee pot or unload the dishwasher.

Then, I wash it off with tepid water and blot dry with a towel. This gentle, creamy cleanser contains floral extracts and essential nutrients to nourish dry, damaged, or sun-exposed skin.

If your skin is more normal to oily, you’ll want to use Kindhearted Cleansing Milk to clean your skin and help heal congested skin conditions.

Step #2: Nourish

Next, it’s time to apply my serums. After my skin is dry, I apply two pumps of Freegirl’s Divine Cellular Renewal Serum. This serum is packed full of vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes to heal your skin improving the look of scar tissue, fine lines, and sun-exposed skin. I love the silky texture and how smoothly it glides on. 

If you have more oily or acne-prone skin, be sure to check out our Happy Hydration Serum and Faithful Anti-Acne Serum to nourish your skin with what it’s needing. Whichever serum you choose, you’ll want to apply 2 or 3 pumps in an upward motion and let it air dry.

The only serum you won’t want to use in the morning is Angelic Nighttime Serum since it contains lemon essential oils that can react to sunlight. This serum is best applied after cleansing in the evening.

Step #3: Moisturize

Once my serums have dried, I turn my attention to my eye area using Energetic Reparative Eye Creme. This product hydrates with unrefined shea butter and contains vitamins and minerals to strengthen the sensitive skin around your eyes. Because my eye area is extra sensitive, we ensured that our product was an all-natural, non-toxic product without fragrance or chemicals that would irritate the skin.

Lastly, I finish up my morning regimen by applying Freegirl’s Sincere Vitamin C Moisture Complex. This moisture treatment is packed with Vitamins C and A along with Rosehip CO2 to improve the look of scar tissue, deep wrinkles, UV damage, and hyper-pigmentation. The antioxidant-rich organic Carrot and Jojoba CO2, purifies and calms the skin, protecting against free radical damage. Comfrey root is a trustworthy cell regenerator, high in Allantoin, adding an additional level of moisture and protection.

Freegirl Moisturizing Duo

Our other option for moisture is the True Moisture Creme. True has additional calming properties, like Lavender, Calendula, and Camomile that lock in moisture, soothe irritation, and support cell regeneration. This moisturizer is ideal for women struggling with Rosacea, Dermatitis, or Acne, as it will protect from further irritation and dehydration.

Step #4 Exfoliate

Three to four days a week, incorporate the Ambitious AHA Gel Mask in your morning routine. Apply two pumps in an upward circular motion, including temples, jawbone, and neck areas, while avoiding sensitive eye areas, and let it dry. Remember, you can start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes — depending on how it feels to you — before washing with tepid water.

Custom Skincare Routine Recommendations

If you have any questions about which products are right for your skin type, we’re here to help! You can find all of our products listed by skin type on our shop page. If you’d like help with picking out the best routine based on how to take care of your skin, feel free to email us at, and we’ll help you customize the perfect skincare routine for you!

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