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Luxury Skincare that Doesn't Compromise - Freegirl Skincare

Welcome to the new face of Freegirl!

Luxury skincare from Colorado

Thank you to our current customers for your continued support and encouragement — we love that you are seeing the amazing transformations that can come from simple, clean ingredients in our luxury skincare!


Luxury Skincare and Your Wellness Journey 

Have you ever felt like you were just dipping your toes in the shallow end, afraid to jump all in? With leaving toxins behind, sometimes you can be so burdened by the work ahead of you that you forget to see the freedom that is sitting in front of you.⁠

Freegirl is a 100% toxin-free skincare company, founded in the heart of the Rockies.⁠ We know that nature provides every active ingredient you need to heal your skin. When you use Freegirl, you are able to love your skin, love yourself, and feel renewed.⁠

Colorado Clean Skincare
Nestled in the lush mountains of beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado, we’ve created this skincare line for EMPOWERED women (like you!) who are done putting up with chemicals and toxic ingredients on their skin. You can trust that our products are 100% plant-based, chemical-free, cruelty-free, and eco-conscious.

Colorado Clean Skincare

We provide clean beauty that doesn’t compromise — with botanical extracts as our main ingredient. These formulas give you simply the best recipe to address your skin’s needs, without passing toxins through the skin barrier. 

Our new look highlights a few things: the wild nature of our great land and how Colorado has impacted our outlook on life. We don’t compromise on what goes on our skin and in our bodies, and neither should you!


Why is toxin-free skincare so important?

Most people want clearer, healthier skin all the time. 

But our bodies are complex machines that are impacted by so many external influences each and every day. So if you feel like your skin needs a pick-me-up or is having new issues, consider a few things — like your climate, stress levels, eating habits, water intake, quality of skincare products, or amount of commercial household and body products.

If you're starting to explore toxin-free living, give yourself grace but also create a workable plan to eliminate everyday products from your home! Take a look at all the bottles and ingredients in your home — most importantly your kitchen and your bathroom — and start sourcing the best truly natural alternatives.

Toxin-free skincare is one of the first steps to ensure that your body is well-cared for. We can help you find the right skin care solution to fit your specific needs and will support you on your wellness journey. ⁠

Clean Skincare Line

How does Freegirl provide natural skincare with a luxury experience?

When we were creating the Freegirl brand, we wanted to move away from the traditionally "eco" feel of burlap, twine, and kraft paper to a high-end brand feel, giving our customers a toxin-free but high-end experience.

We truly had to break the mold in the skincare industry. Using only the finest raw materials, Freegirl delivers skincare that is never bleached or processed, conserving all of their vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and natural color.

As we continued to look for eco-conscious ways to support our health as well as the earth, we decided to package our products in UV protective violet glass. Our glass also takes preservation chemicals out of the equation, because it protects and preserves our products, ensuring they stay healthy and beautiful for your skin. 

Every product you purchase from us is MADE SAFE® Certified – the highest standard and clean product certification on the market. From face cream to beauty products, they provide an unbiased third-party analysis for transparency and building trust. We invite you to explore MADE SAFE® and see what other luxury brands can help you make simple and healthy choices for your family. 


The Freegirl Family

Freedom from toxins starts in the mind, flows through the body, and shapes how you see the world. 

Woman looking ahead

When it comes to family, you want to provide the best opportunity for a full and healthy life. Whether it's eating well, exercising together, doing some yoga, or taking a walk, there are so many ways to help inspire the next generation to live well and be well. ⁠We want to help you on that journey. Here's how we'll accomplish that —

  1. Our company mission is to surround you with a community that supports your goals for clean living — and to support and empower women of all walks of life.
  2. Our products will give your skin a new lease on life. 
  3. Our blog will help you continue to live your best holistic life now.

We invite you to take the next step in your journey to freedom by joining the Freegirl Family (sign up in the footer)! Our emails will inspire you, give you insider incentives, and help you on your wellness journey - starting with luxury skincare products to nourish you, mind, body, and spirit.

Blessings to you and yours — thank you for coming on this journey with us!

With Love,

Jamie Hedman
Founder, Freegirl Skincare 


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