Using Essential Oils For Dry Skin

Using Essential Oils For Dry Skin - Freegirl Skincare

Hydrating Dry Skin

When the weather changes and the home heating systems kick on or when you're wondering "Why is my skin so dry!", you may be willing to try anything for relief!

From face cream to hydration face masks, you'll find lots of options to help your skin — many promising that they will excel at "locking in moisture!" 

Your skin care line can help or hinder your skin from absorbing and retaining the proper balance of moisture; but there is one key ingredient that we believe takes your hydration game to the next level — essential oils for dry skin!

When you’re looking for something to relieve your skin, particularly on your face, we recommend starting with an essential-oil-based product. Essential oils harness the power of plants in a concentrated form and bring deep healing as well as aromatherapy to help nourish your skin, body and mind! 

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Which essential oil is best for dry skin?

We have a few favorites that have made it into every one of our skincare products. And we use a variety of combinations throughout the entire skincare line. Here are some of our favorite oils and what they do to help your skin heal, rejuvenate, hydrate, and ultimately glow with health. 

Carrot Seed CO2

Carrot Seed is one of our favorites and is a staple in our Sincere Vitamin C Complex. Calming and soothing, carrot improves the appearance of fine lines and broken capillaries; cleansing and gently astringent.


Included in every one of our products, lavender oil improves the look of damaged tissue, calms inflammation, reduces, irritation, cleanses, and refreshes the skin. Ultimately, it balances the skin and improves the look of scarring and large pores.


Calendula is a powerhouse for hydrating skincare. It calms and soothes your skin; improves the appearance of fine lines and broken capillaries and is cleansing and gently astringent.

Red Clover 

High in vitamins and minerals, this oil is perfect to reduces dryness and itchy conditions – especially eczema and psoriasis. It helps to clarify, balance, and tone your skin, calming irritation and redness.


Rose improves the texture of your skin, reducing wrinkles, scarring, and sun damage — Vitamins A and C are hydrating, protective, calming, and soothing.


A flower well known for its anti-inflammation and relaxation properties, this essential oil reduces dryness, redness, and irritation. 

Borage Seed

Borage Seed is high in gamma linoleic acid, making it perfect for moisturizing, soothing, and calming the skin.

Frankincense CO2

Frankincense essential oil has long been esteemed as a powerful essential oil - it will protect from dryness, calm irritation, and clarify your skin.

Carrier Oils 

We also recommend (and use in our products) jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and aloe as carriers to help strengthen your skin and provide additional hydration properties. 

How can I help hydrate my skin faster?

Depending on your skin types or different times of the year, you may need to enhance your efforts to provide more hydration. Besides using a skincare product with essentials oils, you can do a few things to help hydrate your skin. 

1. Drink your water. Nothing helps to hydrate the body faster than drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water or more.

2. Nix the hot shower. Winter hits and we all crave the warmth of a nice long shower — but to save your skin, you’ll need to reduce the temperature and duration.

3. Use a humidifier. If you live in a dry climate or struggle with skin issues, a humidifier can bring in the moisture your body craves. 

4. Eat foods that contain water or help your body absorb water. Fruit and vegetables help many systems function well, including your skin and hydration. Vitamins C, A and B3 are all fantastic supports for your skin’s hydration and texture.


Eat your vegetables to heal dry skin

Some foods to include in your diet are —

• Avocados. Rich in B-carotene, Vitamin E, lecithin, and linoleic acid — helps to moisturize from within. 

• Carrots. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, beta-carotene, and antioxidants help restore collagen, destroy free radicals, hydrate, and protect your skin. Just call this the one-stop-shop for feeding your skin. 

• Citrus. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and helps the texture and elasticity of your skin. 

• Collagen. While this is the most abundant natural protein in your body, taking supplements can help your skin’s hydration!

• Cucumbers. Imagine a spa day. Or just pack them in your lunch for a dose of Vitamin A, C, iron, magnesium, folate, and more. 

• Eggs. This superfood improves your skin’s texture because of its fatty acids. Be sure to get Free Range Organic to get as many health benefits as possible.  

• Leafy Green Vegetables. Lutein in the greens fights free radicals, helps our eyes, and increases protection from UV rays. And helps hydrate the skin. It’s a win-win. 

• Pomegranate Seeds. High water content coupled with vitamin C helps restore dull and dry skin.

• Sweet potatoes. Vitamin A and Antioxidants help to protect your skin from free radicals and keep skin healthy.

• Salmon. Get the highest quality Salmon for omega-3 fatty acids to restore the skin’s moisture.

• Teas. Rooibos, green tea, hibiscus, and chamomile all have benefits — from high vitamin content and anti-inflammatory properties to alpha-hydroxy acids and omega-3s. So exchanging one cup of coffee for tea can help your skin improve over time!

These natural ways to help your skin hydrate and improve in texture can greatly help your skin issues heal! You can start to combat dry skin with our Winter Duo or any of our hydrating products. But be sure to support your overall health by drinking water, eating skin-supporting foods, and changing your environment to help support your skin. 

Ultimately, whether you’re looking to fight anti aging or irritated skin, most often you simply need moisture. By using essential oils for treating dry skin, you will advance on journey to healthy and clean skin!


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