Phthalates in Fragrance And Other Issues

Phthalates in Fragrance And Other Issues

There’s nothing like getting your baby out of the bath, your favorite lotion in hand, or taking warm blankets that smell nice from the dryer. Lighting a candle, spraying perfume, and using home scents can become an addiction as they help create a warm and inviting space. But added scents and Phthalates in fragrances often hide awful ingredients with terrible health risks. 

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My Breakup with Fragrances

Have you ever felt slightly sick when you smelled something or got a pounding headache after doing the laundry? While you may not know, the "fragrances" ingredient is simply a cover for many different volatile compounds and artificial ingredients that do more harm than good.

Before starting Freegirl, I was experiencing chronic migraines, sinusitis, and struggling with gut health issues — without a clue as to why.

And as these ailments started, I was an avid fan of all things scented candles and high-end fragrances (and even worked for a high-end fragrance company called Bond No.9 New York.) I loved a good scent (hello Bath and Body Works) and felt terrible when I became highly sensitive to anything that smelled strong.

Getting rid of products with added artificial scents was challenging but very necessary. I was unaware of the effects that artificial fragrances were having on my health. Once I removed fragrances (and phthalates in fragrance) of every kind from my life, my body began to heal.  Now, I don't wear perfume, burn fragrance-filled candles or use fragrance-filled detergents or fabric softeners.

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This journey helped me create Freegirl and understand how to use plant-based ingredients to fill my life with unique scents that help instead of hurting my body. Let’s go over some things to look out for with fragrances and why you should consider quitting them altogether. 

Fragrances can smell so good — why are they so bad?

Here are some of the main reasons we believe fragrances have no place in our homes or on our bodies.

  1. Fragrances often use phthalates. What are phthalates in fragrance, and why are they used? These chemicals have been used since the 1930s to help the scent last longer. But some of the mounting issues with this chemical include cancer, endocrine disruption, congenital disabilities, and respiratory problems. These chemicals fall under the umbrella of the “fragrance” ingredient titles on an item, so there is no way of knowing if your product contains them.
  2. Is fragrance toxic? In general, yes, fragrances are toxic. They have been labeled carcinogenic, neurotoxic, hormone disruptors, allergens, and asthma triggers. You may find that with fragrances, you get headaches, eye and nose irritations, some nausea, and more, which are all respiratory illness / neurotoxic symptoms.
  3. Ultimately, what you put on your skin and the air you breathe passes to the blood, impacting your entire system.
  4. The fragrance industry is not required to undergo safety testing by regulators before selling. 
  5. “Natural fragrances” does not mean genuinely all-natural and can just be a “greenwashing” technique that hides that the ingredients are also toxic.
  6. Any amount of endocrine disruptors can be strong at low doses, meaning you should avoid fragrance at all costs. 

Phthalates in Fragrance and Other Issues

Understanding the dangers associated with added fragrances can be alarming and life-changing. One of the best ways to arm yourself is to continue educating yourself on where endocrine disruptors linger and how they can hurt your health. Our partners, MADE SAFEⓇ have incredible resources to help you eliminate the toxic products from your home and body care. 

We proudly carry the MADE SAFEⓇ seal on all our products, ensuring that our skincare will only ever use plant-based and safe fragrances, never phthalates in fragrance or anything else that can harm your body. 

Be sure to visit our wellness blog to support living well, avoid phthalates in fragrance, and evade all kinds of chemicals in your environment!

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