I Struggled With Acne Prone Skin, This Is How I Got My Face Back

Acne prone skin

The following is a guest post by Sam H. 

My whole life I have searched for ways to deal with acne, redness, and scarring. I’ve struggled with how to get rid of my acne-prone skin with no success. Countless friends, family members, and even strangers have offered advice since I was a teenager.

Wash my face more often. Wash my face less often. Change my diet. Workout more. Drink more water. The suggestions were endless and often contradictory. By the time I hit my 30s, I had given up on finding the miracle I believed I needed to clear my skin and start living my life with more confidence. When you feel like you need a pound of foundation to hide your pimples and scarring, it seems like it is easier to just hide altogether and never show your face at all.

One day not too long ago, I was having coffee with a friend who insisted she also dealt with my same skincare issues. As she talked about the various products she had used in the past, I found myself staring at her clear smooth face. It was honestly really difficult to believe she ever dealt with redness, acne, or discoloration. Her skin looked flawless.

Anti Acne Serum - Faithful Anti Acne - FreeGirlShe mentioned a treatment she had started using from Freegirl Skincare: The Faithful Anti-Acne Facial Serum. She was so happy with the results, I decided to look into the company and the serum as soon as I got home. Having tried everything from Acutane to Proactiv Solution, over the counter products and homemade Pinterest masks, I approached the website and products with cautious optimism. The more I looked into the company though, the more I was swayed to take a risk and try it out.

The story of Freegirl and their commitment to providing skincare solutions for those truly seeking an uncompromising option for all-natural, toxin-free, skincare convinced me to try something new.

After only one week I noticed significantly less redness and an overall glow that wasn’t there before. By the end of week three, I was seeing some of the best results I have ever seen from any skincare product I’ve tried.

I am still using the Faithful Anti-Acne Facial Serum and my skin is the best it has been in years. I finally feel a bit of confidence and pride as I venture out into the world. My experience with Freegirl Skincare was eye-opening, and 100% worth the risk. For the results, the price point, and the overall mission of the company, there is no one else I would trust with my skin. It’s simply amazing! 


Looking for a complete collection? Try the Faithful Anti-Acne Facial Serum with the Clear Up Trio Collection or the Oily Acne Skin Collection both by Freegirl Skincare. 

 Clear Skin Trio Collection - Anti Acne Skincare - Freegirl Skincare
Clear Skin Trio Collection:
The Clear-Up Trio Collection clears reactive skin conditions, such as rosacea, eczema, and dermatitis, or oily or acne-prone skin. Our unique, plant-based formulas work together to calm, heal inflammation and irritation, balance oil production, fade hyperpigmentation, and stimulate collagen production.
Oily Skin Collection - Anti Acne Skincare - Freegirl

Oily Acne Skin Collection 
The Oily / Acne-Prone Skincare Collection balances and heals reactive and congested skin conditions. Our unique plant-based formula works in harmony to nourish the skin, heal acne, breakouts, inflammation, and irritation, fade hyperpigmentation, and stimulate collagen production. This skincare collection clarifies and balances the complexion.

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