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by Freegirl Skincare

Freegirl Skincare: Plant-based Ingredients From A To Z

We are a plant-based, toxin-free skincare line. Which means our skincare is packed with natural ingredients and Made Safe Certified. Here are all of our plant-based, holistic ingredients and how they set your skin free so that your natural beauty shines. 

Skincare Awareness Month: Adjusting Your Skin Routine With The Seasons.

Here are some of the best skincare changes to make to your routine as pumpkin season beckons.

Which Serum Is Right For You?

Each serum is a lightweight solution solely responsible to provide highly concentrated ingredients for specific skin issues. See which one (or more!) would work for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Using Vitamin C for Your Skin

There’s an unmistakable glow to those who take their skincare seriously. Their skin is bright, healthy, and looks full of life and warmth even when it seems they aren’t trying. More often than not, these...

I Struggled With Acne Prone Skin, This Is How I Got My Face Back

The following is a guest post by Sam H. My whole life I have searched for ways to deal with acne, redness, and scarring. I’ve struggled with how to get rid of my acne-prone skin with no...

Finding your Rosacea Skin Care Routine

Rosacea can be one of the most troubling congested skin concerns due to unexpected flare-ups, burning, potential itchiness, and long-lasting flushing and acne breakouts. The most recent numbers from the National Rosacea Society estimate that over 16 million Americans and 415 million people worldwide suffer from this chronic inflammatory condition.

What Type of Skin do I Have?

When you’re watching skincare commercials or trying to figure out what you need while standing in the makeup aisle, you may be trying to solve this extreme riddle with an elusive answer – what Is my skin type?!