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by Freegirl Skincare

Functional Medicine vs. General Healthcare

  Functional medicine is a biology-based approach to healthcare. It focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. It emphasizes the importance of the individual's unique biochemistry, genetics, and environment in determining their...

Freegirl Skincare: Plant-based Ingredients From A To Z

We are a plant-based, toxin-free skincare line. Which means our skincare is packed with natural ingredients and Made Safe Certified. Here are all of our plant-based, holistic ingredients and how they set your skin free so that your natural beauty shines. 

The Powerful Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have gained popularity in recent years, emerging as a relaxing and rejuvenating method to enhance both skin health and overall wellness. Harnessing the power of infrared technology, these saunas offer a myriad of benefits that extend beyond traditional saunas.

Bentonite Clay for Skin and Wellness

When used regularly, you’ll find that your skin is clearer and you have less dirt and bacteria which means fewer large pores or acne flares! One compound in Bentonite Clay is silica, which helps our skin build tissue, carry oxygen, and ultimately feel more silky. All of these things will contribute to a healthy anti-aging regimen!

Finding Better Skin With A Sugar Detox Diet

A sugar detox may not be easy, but it’s so worth it for the long and short-term benefits. From improved skin to lasting energy, you will feel and see a difference!

Switching to All-Natural Skincare and Detoxing Your Skin

So you just started a new skincare routine. And things look glowing for the first day or two — but then you notice a new patch of bumps on your skin. Your red flags go up and you wonder what can be causing a new breakout. Your face may go through a detoxing process as your skin unloads the toxic buildup.