Switching to All-Natural Skincare and Detoxing Your Skin

Switching to All-Natural Skincare and Detoxing Your Skin


So you just started a new skincare routine. 

And things look glowing for the first day or two — but then you notice a new patch of bumps on your skin. Your red flags go up and you wonder what can be causing a new breakout.


The Skin Detoxing Process

Going clean with your skincare is likely part of you taking charge and shifting your entire lifestyle — approaching whole-body care. So cheers to you! We are here to support you as you’re making healthier routines.

Taking Charge of Your Health

When you’re drinking more water, eating less sugar, cutting chemicals, and focusing on whole foods, you expect to go through a detoxing process. Your body is releasing all the toxins that have built up into your bloodstream; and, as they are on their way out, you expect to feel worse before you feel better. 

But you are doing the work to the cycle of years of unhealthy foods. And there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Once those toxins are gone, your body is able to embrace the nutrients and fuel your overall energy, joy, and balance.

With your skin, it’s the same cycle — your face may go through a detoxing process, which can include a season of increased breakouts as your skin is unloading all of the toxic build-ups from months and years of chemical-laden commercial products.

All Natural Skincare Line

Supporting the Process with Clean Skincare and Cosmetics

Switching to Freegirl Skincare is a great start to cleansing your face, but you must find makeup, lotions, and sunscreen that support your body with natural wellness. If you’re still using other products that are adding chemicals back in day after day, you may not truly break free from the cycle. 

Made Safe - Freegirl Skincare


To help your body and face detox, be sure you’re surrounding yourself with an arsenal of toxin-free products. As you research “clean ingredients” for cosmetics, you can start with tossing the dirty dozen and then move on to ensuring that you don’t use any of MADE SAFE’s hazard list!

How long does the Detox Process Last?

If you’re new to natural skincare, you will need to give your body at least 3 weeks to flush out the chemical build-up. Your pores will be expelling oil and toxins and adjusting to the new array of biocompatible ingredients. 

This may not be the best news, but take a deep breath, and embrace the change, knowing it will be for the good! We want you to be empowered by knowing why this is happening to your skin and what you can do to help.

How to Detox Your Skin Well

First, be sure that you have the right products for your unique skin type. Take our skincare quiz to find your ideal recommended regimen!

Before beginning a new skincare regimen, look at the ingredients lists and research if you’re not sure what certain ingredients do. Choosing organic skin care products with a short, natural ingredient list will help reduce the risk of skin reactions and, over time, prevent nasty breakouts.

If the ingredients encourage cellular turnover (exfoliants, hydroxy acids, vitamin c, retinoids, or benzoyl peroxide) you’re more likely to encounter skin purging or detoxing. Our products that encourage this are Ambitious AHA Gel Mask, Sincere Vitamin C Moisture Complex, and Divine Cellular Renewal Serum. Expect some deep cleansing/purging when using these powerful products!

And here are a few things you can do to help your body along —

1. Be consistent with your diet changes and the quality of home and body care products. Stay away from refined sugar, salt, and carbs as much as possible. Replace them with natural sweeteners, protein, and fruits and vegetables — and drink high amounts of water each day! 

2. Check if you are taking medications that may cause pimples to form.

3. Wear lighter makeup as you’re transitioning to new skincare products. 

4. Be sure to stick with your skincare regimen in the morning and at night for the best results. If you feel like you're immediately reacting to your new regimen, try to use a few of the new products at a time — perhaps the cleanser and moisturizer — and then start adding other elements as you see your skin adjusting. 

5. If you have been exercising — wonderful! But be sure to wash your face after perspiring and reapply any makeup as necessary.

6. Try not to touch your face — it may be difficult, but we often touch our face more than we think throughout the day!

7. Are you experiencing stress or hormonal changes? If so, take that into account and try to find ways to release the stress and support your body as you’re dealing with those internal factors. 

8. Ignore the breakout. While it may be tempting to mess with the blackheads, whiteheads, or oil spots, if you do, the bacteria and oil will only spread to surrounding pores! For some relief, you can try a dab of our anti-acne serum, pure tea tree with jojoba oil, or simply a bit of honey to reduce inflammation and promote healing.
9. Look into the benefits of dry brushing as your skin is cleansing!

If after a few weeks, your skin is still not improving, please reach out to us at Freegirl — we want to be sure you are paired with the right skincare line that you need for the best results. 

Skincare Ingredients Matter

All-natural skincare will truly change your life for the better!

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It protects you from all the elements and provides the first layer of defense — but it also absorbs what you put on it! Supporting your whole body, including your face, gives your system a better chance to thrive in your environment. 

Results from detoxing your skin

You’ll eventually see fewer breakouts, more hydrated skin, fewer fine lines, and lightened sunspots. Ultimately, you will feel the difference and see the difference that comes with botanical solutions!

What to learn more about what makes Freegirl Skincare so special? Check out our ingredients glossary to see exactly what's in each bottle!

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