REHOPE: Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking

REHOPE: Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking


REHOPE (formerly known as Restoration House) is a faith based 501(c) 3 that offers a comprehensive range of services to survivors of human trafficking, for both women and children. These services are designed to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of survivors 


REHOPE provides long-term, safe housing at REHOPE Farms, a 17-acre community in Harrisonville, MO. This secure environment allows survivors to focus on healing without fear of further exploitation.

Trauma Therapy & Healing Programs

REHOPE offers individual and group trauma-informed therapy to help survivors process their experiences and develop coping mechanisms. They also provide holistic wellness programs, including art therapy, animal therapy, yoga, and mindfulness practices, to promote overall well-being.

Education & Job Training

It is important to offer education and career development for survivors. They offer educational opportunities at various levels, from GED preparation to college credits. Additionally, they provide job training and career planning services to help survivors secure sustainable employment.

Reintegration Services

To ease reintegration, it is important to offer services that support survivors as they move back into their communities. These services help with tasks like finding suitable housing, navigating legal issues, and connecting with social services. They also offer ongoing support groups and mentorship programs to help survivors build and maintain a secure support network.

Lifelong Support: 

REHOPE's commitment to survivors extends beyond immediate needs. They offer lifelong access to counseling, education, and spiritual encouragement, ensuring that survivors have the resources they need to thrive in the long term.

Additional Services: 

REHOPE recognizes the diverse needs of survivors and offers additional services to address these needs. These include:

  • Alcohol & Drug Treatment: For survivors struggling with addiction, REHOPE provides access to comprehensive treatment programs.
  • Mental Health Services: REHOPE works with specialists to address the mental health needs of survivors, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD.
  • Spiritual Care: REHOPE provides spiritual support and resources to help survivors find meaning and hope in their lives.
  • Physical Care: REHOPE ensures access to medical care, dental care, and vision care for all survivors.

Beyond Services: REHOPE is also a leader in human trafficking awareness and prevention. They offer educational programs for the public, training for professionals, and advocacy efforts to combat human trafficking at the legislative level.

We spoke with Roxie Loyd their Chief Program Officer and a survivor, for more insight. 

Tell me about REHOPE

REHOPE was launched in 2015 in Cleveland Ohio by Dr. Rodney Hammer. After spending 18 years as a missionary in Asia, Dr. Hammer was exposed to the raw realities of human trafficking and when he realized it was also happening in the US, he founded REHOPE.  Its primary goal is to heal and restore victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. REHOPE has seventeen beds and residences can stay for up to three years. 

This month is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. What do you think is missing when it comes to raising awareness?

Honestly, I think the biggest barrier to raising awareness is the myth that traffickers look a certain way. They drive white vans and scoop these women up on the streets. That’s not really how it happens. These days children are groomed over social media and through online apps, predators gain trust and prey on their vulnerabilities and often they become runaways and before they realize it they are trapped into these situations. 

What kind of success stories have you seen come out of REHOPE and its programs?

We have had a lot of success stories. Many girls have gotten their high school diploma – and then gone off to college. And through our Social Enterprise Program, where residences learn how to make candles and soaps and sell products online. We have a beautiful healing arts building where we offer acrylic art classes. Part of our animal therapies, you can milk goats, and plant gardens. The goal is to create an ecosystem for would-be victims to triumph and build a better life.

Phase 3 approach 

  1. Get to Safety- Check into REHOPE- Address medical needs- introduce therapies 
  2. Automony- secondary house- focus on work and school
  3. Rehome- REHOPE recently purchased 2 bed and 3 bedroom tiny homes 

Tell me about the Freedom Gala

Our annual gala is at the Downtown Marriot on January 27th. Tickets are about $150.00 each and we expect around 700 in attendance. Donors from all types of corporations, non profits, and faith based donors. There will be a silent auction that runs from Thursday January 25th starting at 9am thru Saturday January 27th at 7:30pm. 

How does someone get involved?

We have 12 fulltime staff at Rehope. And our volunteers are crucial for our success. Volunteers can participate in overnights as well as volunteer on projects including help with the gala. You can donate to our ongoing campaign for tiny homes, continued programming and yearly cost of running Rehope. And you can sponsor a victim throughout their stay. 

Getting Involved: REHOPE relies on the support of generous individuals and organizations to continue their vital work. You can get involved by:

  • Donating: Financial contributions enable REHOPE to provide essential services to survivors.
  • Volunteering: Share your time and skills to support survivors and the organization's mission.
  • Raising awareness: Spread the word about REHOPE and human trafficking through social media, community events, or other channels.

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