Why is Sleep Important? 7 Easy Steps to take for Your Skin, Health, and Happiness!

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We know that sleep is good for us — but getting to bed and sleeping well can be difficult throughout our lives! From what and when you eat to your screen habits, your daily routines hold power over your sleep quality. We want to help you find simple ways to streamline your practices and prepare your body for ultimate rest and wellness!

Creating Good Sleep Habits

Have you ever heard of “sleep hygiene?” 

If you’re like us, you may take a second glance and chuckle. But we promise we’re not making it up!

It’s a term that describes the healthy habits you take to fall and stay asleep! Before we dive into the steps to take to “clean up” your sleep regimen, let’s take a look at why sleep is good for you and its many benefits. 

Benefits of Good Sleep for Skin and Beyond

While establishing a good skincare routine is important, we know and often share about how being healthy in ALL areas of your life will help your skin flourish. Sleep is one of those things that impacts your mood and your look every day. 

When you wake unrested, you may notice sagging or puffy eyelids, dark circles, and paler skin. 

With good sleep, your skin will enjoy —

  1. Increased blood flow

  2. Collagen repaired

  3. Relaxed muscles in your face

Ultimately setting the stage for your skin to soak in all the skincare you’re providing and giving it a chance to heal.

When you can build well-established sleep habits — you will notice a definite improvement in your skin, mental clarity, and overall effectiveness. 

Establishing a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Are you wanting to feel youthful, maintain and grow your cognitive abilities, and see fewer wrinkles around your eyes? 

Getting a consistent sleep schedule will help you in the long run. While weekend catch-up sleep can hurt you in the long run, we love this 3-day sleep guide that helps you get better sleep over a weekend, setting you up for success! Or you can try to implement the following tips for good sleep hygiene for your health and happiness.

Why is Sleep — and REM Sleep — So Important?

REM, or rapid eye movement, should be 20-25 percent of your time in bed. During this stage, you are in a deep sleep and are potentially dreaming. It’s essential to get enough REM because you stimulate the brain for learning and increased protein production. Interestingly, babies experience 50% of their sleep in REM. The other NREM (non-REM) stages of sleep are essential because your body is strengthening its immune system, regrowing tissue, and building bone and muscle.

Easy steps to reset your sleep habits

Here are some ways to effectively change your routines and reset your habits for a more relaxing experience. 

  1. Rise at the same time every day. Whether you’re on vacation or getting ready for work, getting up and going to bed at the same time will help your body know what’s happening and be prepared to embrace it.

  2. Keep a healthy daytime lifestyle. Get at least two hours of bright light in, limit caffeine in the afternoons, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy diet. Often, people find they sleep better if they eat a lighter meal at dinner or a small snack in the evenings.

    woman tired looking out the window


  3. Find what your body needs. Are you a side sleeper, enjoy a cool feel, or want to cozy in and cuddle? Determine your ideal sleeping situation and purchase the suitable pillows, blankets, and accessories you need to sleep well. 

  4. Forgo the screens. Blue light and bright light both inhibit your circadian rhythms. Be sure to turn off the screens 30 minutes before you try to go to sleep. And try not to watch TV in your bed.

  5. Be sure you’re ready for bed. Have a consistent routine that includes washing your face, brushing your hair and teeth, and caring for yourself. Taking a few moments to prepare physically can help your mind find rest. If you don’t fall asleep within 15-20 minutes, get up to do a quiet, dimly-lit activity for a few minutes, and then try again. 

  6. Try to get 8 hours. We know this can be a challenge for our fast-paced lives, but if you can get eight quality hours, you will be more productive in the other 16!

  7. Look at some supplements. Valerian Root and Lavender are two herbals that can help your body relax and sleep well. You can find herbal teas or essential oils to incorporate into your routines. Melatonin can be helpful as long as it doesn’t become a long-term solution. Or you may look into magnesium, glycine, or L-theanine (minerals and amino acids) supplements to help your body’s processes. 

At the end of the day, you want to sleep. Your body needs to recoup its energy stores — and having a good sleep routine will set you up for lasting energy and a healthy glow! Challenge yourself today to start implementing some of these routines to improve your health and wellness. Your body and skin will thank you for it!

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