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by Freegirl Skincare

Effects of Water Quality in Human Health

Because of the many benefits of drinking water for skin and wellness, we’re diving into how you can guarantee you and your family are quality water that’s free from the effects of water pollution in human health.

Recognizing and Dealing With Toxic Friendships

Here at Freegirl Skincare, we talk a lot about how to break up with toxic skincare — but in life, one of the most significant sources of stress can be toxic friendships. It is so...

Phthalates in Fragrance And Other Issues

Lighting a candle, spraying perfume, and using home scents can become an addiction as they help create a warm and inviting space. But added scents and phthalates in fragrances often hide awful ingredients with terrible health risks. 

What is Makeup Made Of — the Not So Pretty

When you dive into what is make up and skincare is made of and find the ingredients for your skincare and body care, you may be shocked at first. But we hope you feel more empowered with a few resources to help you discover new effective products.

How To Strengthen Your Heart and Risk Signs to Know

Knowing how to strengthen your heart is incredibly important! We want you to learn ways to prevent heart disease so that you can continue making tremendous strides in your communities and be there for your family and friends.

My No Gym Needed Workout Routine

As you create your new no gym workout routine, we hope that this guide helps you kickstart a sustainable lifestyle without getting bored or having a rigorous membership to keep up with!

Jamie's Cozy Healthy Holiday Survival List

Staying healthy and on track during the holidays isn’t as hard as it may seem. Just put some of these ideas into practice, and you’ll find your holiday survival is more fun and less stressful. 

10 Keys to Beautiful Skin

When you want beautiful skin but have a few issues that need to be addressed, the options may seem endless. Here are 10 keys to beautiful skin that you can implement today!

Why Eat Gluten Free Foods

What’s the Big Deal With Gluten Free Foods You may have a family member or friend who is gluten-free — and there are quite a few reasons to eat this way! From having a real...